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Support our dedicated athletes as they continue to strengthen the legacy of FGCU Men's Basketball and make a difference in the SWFL community

Community-Driven NIL Collective

SWFL Flight Crew forms meaningful partnerships between FGCU student-athletes and the local community to build a network of support and growth. By offering educational and financial resources, we enable athletes to stay in school and develop personally.

We prioritize holistic development, organizing life skill workshops and advocating for active civic engagement. The goal is to nurture student-athletes into well-rounded citizens who contribute positively to society, both now and in the future.

Our initiative also strengthens the ties between FGCU, its athletes, and the SWFL community. Through targeted networking events and community projects, we create a unified environment for long-term success. This collaborative approach not only benefits our student-athletes but also enriches the SWFL community, paving the way for future leaders and champions.

Empowering FGCU Student-Athletes Through Innovative NIL Partnerships

Our unwavering commitment is to nurture the well-being of our FGCU student-athletes while enriching the SWFL community that supports them.

Who We Are

SWFL Flight Crew is a B corporation dedicated to crafting unique opportunities for FGCU student-athletes to harness the power of their name, image, and likeness (NIL). By joining forces with local organizations, we cultivate meaningful NIL partnerships that elevate our student-athletes and community.

What We Do Together

When you support the SWFL Flight Crew Collective, you're not just advocating for FGCU student-athletes and their NIL rights—you're enhancing the community fabric. Our athletes, equipped with the freedom to leverage their personal brand, amplify local charitable efforts through social media and public events. This initiates a cycle of empowerment and communal support, and your partnership is the essential link that makes this dynamic network thrive.

How it Works

The SWFL Flight Crew Collective collaborates with FGCU alumni, fans, and local businesses who contribute through memberships and sponsorships. We facilitate NIL partnerships between athletes and local charities. Student-athletes boost the profile of these charities by leveraging their name, image, and likeness in endorsements, appearances, and social media campaigns. The revenue generated through our community engagement goes toward compensating the athletes, elevating local causes, and ensuring student-athletes are more likely to remain enrolled at FGCU rather than going pro or transferring. This creates a supportive and impactful network that benefits athletes, charities, and the school alike.

Power of Relationships

At the core of our mission is building strong relationships. By connecting student-athletes, business owners, charities, and the committed alumni and fans of FGCU, we create a supportive community that fosters growth and empowerment. Together, we work towards a brighter future for everyone involved.

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NIL & FGCU: Be the Change

NIL: The Catalyst for a Profound Transformation in Collegiate Sports

The NIL policy is more than a rule change; it's a game-changer for collegiate sports. It enables student-athletes to earn from their personal brand, offering entrepreneurial avenues and real-world skills. This impact resonates beyond athletes to enrich the whole community.

"NIL & FGCU: Join the Independent Initiative Powering a New Era

Join SWFL Flight Crew to elevate FGCU's basketball program and set new standards in the collegiate sports landscape. We attract exceptional talent, ignite community enthusiasm, and provide our athletes with avenues for personal and entrepreneurial growth.

SWFL Flight Crew: Driving the NIL Transformation

As an independent B Corporation, SWFL Flight Crew takes an active role in community enhancement. Your participation links athletes with local initiatives and fans, enriching the SWFL area as a whole and fostering a climate of empowerment and resilience.

Your Support: Fueling Transformation and Impact

Your support shapes the future of NIL at FGCU. Stand with us and open up a world of opportunities far beyond campus boundaries. Every partnership, and every endorsement amplifies inspiration and empowerment across the SWFL community. This is your moment for enduring change. Join us in making a lasting impact.

NIL: Questions and Answers

SWFL Flight Crew is an independent initiative aiming to support FGCU athletes. We focus on creating opportunities for student-athletes to build and develop their personal brand while positively impacting local charities and non-profits in Southwest Florida.

NIL stands for Name, Image, and Likeness. It allows student-athletes to be compensated for using their name, image, and likeness. SWFL Flight Crew works to create avenues for these athletes to capitalize on their personal brand, all while serving the local community.

Student-athletes cannot receive "pay for play," and NIL compensation cannot be used as a recruiting incentive. All payments must represent a "value exchange" between the student-athlete and their partner organization.

SWFL Flight Crew operates independently and has no official relationship with FGCU or its Athletics Department. The university and its employees are prohibited from making or facilitating NIL deals or payments to student-athletes. We exist to complement the work of FGCU Athletics.

We're not just a liaison for NIL deals. We equip student-athletes with the resources and tools they need for success. Our support serves three purposes: 1) It enables athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness; 2) It helps FGCU sports teams stay competitive; 3) It benefits the broader Southwest Florida community.

Student-athletes earn through community service or by endorsing local businesses. Activities may include autograph sessions, community service at non-profit events, and promoting charity events or causes.

Student-athletes can't receive "pay for play," and NIL payments can't be used to lure recruits. All payments must involve a "value exchange" between the charity or business and the student-athlete.

Meet the Team Behind SWFL Flight Crew

Dedicated Leaders. Committed to Community. Building a Future for FGCU Student-Athletes.

Our Board Members

Meet the dedicated individuals guiding the mission of SWFL Flight Crew, connecting student-athletes to the community, and fostering growth and empowerment.

Tim Cartwright

Timothy J. Cartwright is a Partner and Co-Founder at Fifth Avenue Family Office, a multi-family office, and Chairman of the Tamiami Family of Angel Funds. Before, he co-founded By-Products Interactive, an electronic trading, market research, and publishing company that he sold in 2021 to Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC, a FTSE 250 Public Company. Earlier, he founded Benchmark Solutions, a supply chain consulting company, which was sold in 1999.Mr. Cartwright recently completed a 12-year term as a member of the Florida Gulf Coast University’s Foundation Board, finishing as Chair of the Board. During this time, he was a prime mover in starting the Institute for Entrepreneurship, which grew into the DK School of Entrepreneurship at FGCU, where he served as an Adjunct Professor for six semesters. In 2023, at the invitation of former FGCU President Mike Martin, he chaired Project Ascend. This task force studied and published a White Paper on the future financial sustainability and continued athletic competitiveness of the FGCU Athletics Department.His post-secondary education includes a Bachelor of Science in Economics at the University of Wisconsin and a postgraduate Masters in Management in Finance and Accounting from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.For the fifth consecutive year, he was named by Florida Trend Magazine to their list of Florida’s 500 Most Influential Business Leaders. He is a Naples resident, a volunteer softball and soccer coach, and an active First Baptist Church of Naples member.

James Richmond

James Richmond is a uniquely qualified professional with a multitude of leadership experiences across many diverse industries. He has been the driving force for several high-growth organizations, exceeding $100 million with EBITDA exceeding 20%.Mr. Richmond is the former Founder and President of eServ, a Perot Systems Company, and still serves as an industry consultant and strategic advisor to Dell. At Perot Systems, he developed an international organization with offices in India, China, Spain, and Mexico. His diligent pursuit of new opportunities led eServ, a Perot Systems Company, to become a Product Development Company to many Fortune 1000 companies and to expand globally, growing revenue by 50% annually for eight consecutive years with significant profit contribution, as mentioned in Perot's quarterly report. Before Perot, he was one of the founders and CEO of eServ LLC. He grew it to the largest North American Product Development Company and downstate IL's largest Value-Added Reseller of IBM, Sun Microsystems, EMC, and Storage Tek.For over 30 years, he has spent significant time with industry analysts, learning and defining the industry now known as Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO). He has been at the forefront of emerging trends, developing innovative products and outsourced engineering solutions for his clients.Mr. Richmond is the CEO and President of e2Companies (formerly e2Comply LLC) and the mastermind behind the development of two subsidiaries, Mission Critical e2 and Palm Energy LLC. The unified strength of these brands delivers the industry's first Virtual Utility® for power generation, distribution, and energy economics in the marketplace. Based on his vision, e2Companies continues to develop patented products and services for an increasing range of clients across vertical industries. He is committed to driving resilience and reliability for his clients so they can take control of their energy outcomes in the ever-changing regulatory landscape.Mr. Richmond has served on the following boards; Peoria Next, Methodist Medical Center, CEO Roundtable, and the Bradley Council. He has also taught classes at Bradley University in Entrepreneurial Economics. He is a visionary leader with excellent technical capabilities and a focused sales mentality.

Bob Mills

Bob Mills is the President of MMB Management Group, LLC, a strategic consulting company focused on retail and commercial distribution systems with specific expertise in the energy sector, and a Partner in Mangan Mills Realty LLC, a family-owned real estate firm. Additionally, Bob is the acting President of the Board of Directors for the SWB Pinstripe Foundation and is an active board member of Elk Lake Capital, LLC.Bob began his career with PNC Bank’s Corporate Banking Division. He specialized in financing projects based upon the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 out of PNC’s New Jersey office. In 2000, Bob was recruited to join his wife and father-in-law in business at Craft Oil Corp. In 2004, Bob and his wife purchased Craft Oil through a family succession plan. After that, Craft Oil grew into one of the largest multi-state regional lubricant distribution companies. Then, in 2012, Craft Oil was acquired by PetroChoice Holdings, LLC. Bob was retained as PetroChioce’s Chief Strategic Officer before leaving to run the aforementioned private family businesses. As a former DI MBB player (UMBC: 1986 - 1991), Bob followed his passion for sports to serve six seasons as Managing Partner and Director for the MiLB Triple-A affiliate of the New York Yankees, Scranton Wilkes Barre Railriders.
Bob holds an MBA in Strategic Management from the University of Pittsburgh Katz Business School and has a BA from the University of Maryland in Economics (minors: Finance, Managerial Accounting).
Bob and Maureen (wife) reside in Naples and have three daughters. Bob is a supporter of youth sports and a volunteer youth basketball coach.


Carl Koko

Carl Koko, a Florida Gulf Coast University graduate focusing on Sports Management, is recognized for his leadership in sports and entrepreneurship. As the Executive Board Vice President of FGCU's Men's Basketball Club, he demonstrated strong organizational skills and a commitment to excellence. Carl's hands-on experience includes managing game-day operations for the basketball team and orchestrating logistics at high-profile tournaments. Additionally, he blended business acumen with creativity as the COO & Assistant Creative Director for La Sainte Atelier LLC. Currently residing in Fort Myers, Carl's multi-disciplinary skills position him as a promising sports management and business professional.

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